Posted by: SiRu | July 1, 2010

Setup Internet and Wireless Internet on BSNL AR800V v3.0 ADSL Modem

Issue: Need configuration details of BSNL AR800V v3.0 ADSL Modem to setup Internet/WLAN

BSNL Broadband

BSNL Broadband


1. Connect LAN cable/Network Cable from the Modem to the LAN port (Network Port) of your computer. Usually BSNL will give you the Network cable.

2. In Windows, Open Internet Explorer. Then Type in the address bar (Please check the below said image). The screen will looks like the one provided below.

BSNL Modem Login Page

BSNL Modem Login Page

3.  Enter the user name and password, the default user name and password is provided below:

Username: admin

Password: admin

4. Now on the page, Go to Configuration then click on Internet settings. Then click on Edit

Configuration and Internet settings page

Configuration and Internet settings page

5. Click on the Edit icon (Please check the above provided image).  The below said image will appear.

More solutions regarding other BSNL modem is available on my other blog:

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Internet Connection Configuration

Internet Connection Configuration

6. Do not change anything, Click Next

BSNL Internet Connection Configuration

Internet Connection Configuration

7. Click Next, Ensure that “Obtain an IP Address Automatically” is selected (Please check the below image)

Internet Connection configuration page

Internet Connection configuration

8. Click Next, now the page will look the one provided below:

Internet Connection Configuration

Internet Connection Configuration

In the above said page, please enter the details:

Service name: Dataone

Broadband User name: This user name will be provided  by BSNL, please enter it correctly (Eg: si123456789)

Password: password (Usually the password will be password itself :))

Session Established by: Always On

9. Now click Next, the last screen will look like the one provided below.

Internet Connection configuration

Internet Connection configuration

10. Click on Apply. Now please close the window and wait for a minute. Then check whether you are able to use Internet using the Network cable/LAN cable. If so, we are ready to proceed for Wifi/WLAN/Wireless LAN setup


Wireless settings:

The steps to configure Wireless is available in below said link:

Guide: Setup Internet and Wireless on BSNL AR800V v3.0 ADSL modem

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  1. @SiRu,

    I’m having a similar issue. I bot a new Dell Inspiron laptop – Windows 7. When i proceed to connect to my WLAN, it connects once or twice. it is nt stable. I can see my n/w name in my list, but wen i click on connect it shows some troubleshooting steps. i’m using the same wireless modem – AR800V. PLease HELP !!!!

    • Hello,

      I have provided all the WLAN configuration steps on the POST now.

      Please check whether it helps


      SiRu :)

      • sir,
        i want watch cctv camera on online. i have a standalone dvr who can i port forwarding on bsnl modam AR800V v3.0 ADSL modam .plz help me

      • its working siru thank u very much but a lock icon is displayed in my n8 wlan connection

  2. SiRu,

    Thanks for the detailed step-by-step instructions.
    Very useful and helpful!!

    Thanks again,

    • Hi Manohar,

      Glad to hear that one more BSNL Internet is working now :)

      Thank you


      • I have the same modem and have connected 3 laptops but am not able to connect my iphone and ipad via wireless.. Is there a limitation on the number of connections (both hard wired and wireless) this modem AR800V V3 can accomodate.. Any help is appreciated.

        Some wierd reason BSNL_AP shows as connected when I put in any password other than the one that I know is the right password. However, when I try to browse on the phone or iPad it does not work and says no connection to the internet

      • Thought it says unlimited Wireless, I think 3-4 is the max it can support..

  3. hi anna when i am entering to internet connection under configuration to enable WLAN, i am not geeting
    PVC name which was having WAN IP Address(mentioned in first step above).iam using dell inspiron 1440.and bsnl broabband and modem model is ar800v-v3-0. pls help me in connecting to broadband through LAN in my home premises.

  4. pls tell me what the diffrence between WLAN n LAN?

  5. what should i do to enjoy wireless internet at my home i.e without connecting cable to my lappy????????????

    • hi siru,
      first i must thank u 4 ur valuable answer.
      and my interst is to connect internet through WLAN. How can i make this?
      Pls tell me n i am sending my contact no ur mail

  6. Hi siru sir,
    i am using bsnl broadband modem model is ar800v.v.3.0 and using windows 7
    my problem is newly i brought samsung corby pro
    when connect to wifi this messeges shown authentication failled or no responce from bsnl_ap.
    also your settings were tried but these messeges were shown please help me sir.

    • I will look in to your issue and email you soon :)

  7. it gr8……simply gr8…

    • Thanks a lot :)

  8. Thank you works like charm….

    • Thank you for your comments, much apprecaited

  9. thanks dude:)

    • My Pleasure buddy :)

  10. dear – my problem is very simple.

    AR800v is working good. user/pass saved into config console. Problem is – until i switch off the modem internet connection remains on. i ve connected modem to lan port of pc.

    CAN i make a dialer type login from my PC so that modem is ON but internet is only connected when i wish to connect ??


    • Hi aman,

      The modem is connected to the Phone line and when you turn ON the modem it will establish a DSL connection between your ISP (BSNL) and your Modem.

      I do not think there is a settings which we could change to Turn ON internet only when we need it. Supose if you use Internet explorer and do not want internet, then just enter some fake proxy address in IE options->Connection tab->LAN settings->Check mark “Use proxy server for your LAN”, also check mark Bypass Proxy serve for local address. Now enter some address you like. example:, port 8088 (ANything you like, i just typed what came in my mind).

      Next time when you need internet, you would need to uncheck these options in IE.

      Not a solution, but it may work.

  11. Just helped a friend re-setup her connection setting on the phone, thanks for this article. Great help!

    • Wow!

      Thanks for the comment :)

  12. Thankx i could use your references to setup mine Modem

  13. Thanks aaaaaaaaaaaalot for this info….Really it’s step by step instructions really helped me to config. my new modem thanks a lot once again….keep up the good work and best of luck for u’r future…

  14. i’m not getting dialogue box(user name & password)
    when i’m dialing This is happening only if use of lan port. but it does not occur by using usb. i’m using xp os.

    • I have send an email.. let me know whether I understood ur issue correctly, if not, please reply to my email.

  15. Thanks for this post. Had issue connecting Wireless for few days. Changing the country to “USA” (have set this as INI – per recommendation from BSNL) did work like charm !. Thanks mate

  16. when i dial then nothing apperars…..i am using window 7 currently….the window of admin and password does not appear…..can someonr help me with this problem…………

    • I have sent an email asking for more information on issue.

      Sorry for delay :)

  17. hii
    can u provide me a solution for the prob.. “DNS server not reponding “. when am trying to connect my lap through WLAN

  18. hi,
    when I dial then nothing apperars…..i am using window XP3 currently….the window of admin and password does not appear

    • I have sent an email asking more information

  19. Thanks Boss.. Ur Post is superb.. Ur setting gives me access in Nokia N95 mobile also..

  20. Can I used BSNL UTSTarcom WA3002G4 ADSL Modem as Access point or Repeater for expanding range of signal of my root router in house as I have set up my BSNL Router on first floor. I got weak signal from UTSTarcom WA3002G4 ADSL Modem in summer many times. I think about to purchase new BSNL Router from BSNL Customer care. Is it possible to use my old BSNL router (UTSTarcom WA3002G4) as access point or repeater with other router provided by BSNL. I have read about 802.11n router on Website. Does BSNL provide any router based on 802.11n to latest customer? If I purchase 802.11n router from market or BSNL, does it will improve signal range in my house. I have now 802.11g wifi card in my two computers. But Router provided by BSNL broadband is based on 802.11b. So, I want to upgrade my network to 802.11g or 802.11n. Can you suggest me latest Wi-Fi router which are provided by BSNL Now.

    Please help

    • Sorry, I do not think you can use it as a Access point. These modems does not come with all the features of Routers (Dont campare with Linksys (cisco), dlink ). :)

  21. Hi,

    Nice doc. Saved lot of time..

    Thank you.

    • Glad that it helped

  22. hi Siru u seem to know much!
    can u help me with a small issue with ARV800 fujian starnet modem? as i can see it has got a usb port on it with a corresponding LED, however the menu doesnt show any usb options.
    when i connect my printer through it nothing happens(only that LED stays on) the printer is not recognized. can u make usb connection woriking on the router so that i can print wirelessly from my laptop to the printer connected to router by usb.

  23. Thanks for the instructions. Very helpful.

  24. thanks bre!

  25. thanks bro!!!

  26. Hi Siru,
    You have no idea how much of a help this is. My Wifi Internet is working now. thanx a ton. Keep up the good work.


  27. dear sir,
    i have bsnl broadband -modem AR800V v 3.0,
    i have problem regarding my brodband is not connected to my laptop which is earlier good.when i connect to laptop massage shown that ‘error in connecting broadband’.

    is there problem regarding any drivers ?
    kindly guide me.

    and if possible give me Wi-fi drivers.
    kindly look in the matter and do need ful.
    thank you.
    arpit shah.
    (M) 09998030758

  28. sir, I’ve been trying to use the wireless connection but unable to get throught the settings of the step by step process mentioned above.
    configuration > internet connection > edit > next > next > am not able to select “obtain an IP address automatically”. it isn’t getting selected.
    Please help me out with this. Am not able to get connected with my laptop and my iphone.
    Waiting for your reply


  29. Hey there,

    I have the AR800V v3.0 router..the thing is that DSL light blinks for a few seconds and goes off and the internet light also doesnt blink..only the power light is on…need some help..could you help me..?

  30. dear sir,

    have Bsnl broadband -modem AR800V v 3.0,
    but now i am a user of MTNL and i am not able to configure my modem for the same please help for the similar i ll be really thankful


  31. Information provided was good and elaborate.Thanks for ur support.

  32. when i connect my phone N8 with my BSNL AR800V v3.0 ADSL Modem router i get message ” invalid server name”
    all seting in my phone is complate because its work on another router but in my BSNL AR800V v3.0 ADSL Modem router not connect my phone

  33. hi bro…
    i cudnot connect multi computers to my modem AR800V v3.0 to connect to the internet. kindly help me with this one..
    can i also connect my two pc via wifi.?? thank u in advance




  35. i hav installed d wifi setngs in my comptr….bt whn i am seracng any wifi on my laptop thn ita nt detectng it

  36. Thank you so much siru for your step by step instructions…

  37. Hello Friend

    i`am too much happy of reading your article. It helped me much by saving time. I browsed a lot of website, searched lot of books and i tried N ways for this information.
    Your article gave me a lot of information about BSNL modem page and its configuration.

    Thank you

  38. I followed all these steps and successfully connected the internet. My lan1,Wlan and DSL lights are ON but I am not able to browse…


  39. Siru, i have same modem but my internet doesn’t work after 7.26pm i don’t know why but i am frustrated now i have to send mails to my regional office branch and i cant send them i have to connect net by my cell at every night. Help me out please i m irritate with this.

  40. May I get some information on port forwarding on AR800V v3.0

  41. Hi Bro, I too have a AR800V v3.0 ADSL Modem and would like to know how to setup VoIP using the port available on the modem. Please advise! :)


  42. hey
    i’ve done all the steps u have shown to configure wifi
    my phone’s samsung corby s3850 and m trying to connect it with wifi but it ain’t working
    it gets connected to the wifi and accepts the password also but wen i open up my phone’s browser it shows dns failed
    wat do i do??
    plzz help

  43. Hi Siru,

    I am still awaiting your advice as how to setup VoIP at my home with AR800V v3.0 ADSL Modem and standard BSNL landline.. please advise me bro.


  44. Thanks bro :)

  45. thank you so much .. it helped me alot ..( kiraaaaaak po …..)

  46. Thanks…

  47. Hi Siru sir, Fortunately, I happened to visit this webpage only today. All kudos to u for the nice explanation. I have the same AR800V v3.0 ADSL Modem for my BSNL internet connection installed by the techies of BSNL. It is working fine for my desktop (with wired connection) and for my laptop (wi-fi). This wi-fi works well with other laptops too. But it is not working with my iPhone 3GS and iPod 3G. They recognise the modem (wi-fi icon and tick mark appear on the mobile), but it does not get connected to internet; says “Cannot connect to ……”. I tried with other iPhones and iPods, but the same result. To other wi-fi networks, these 2 instruments get connected automatically (without any entry in the iphone settings). I reported this to BSNL, but they are helpless. Could U pl sort out my problem, which’ll be highly appreciated. T’you in advance. –MS Ramakrishna

  48. Great work..thanks

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