Posted by: SiRu | December 16, 2009

Make free international calls using Skype

Issue: How could make free International calls (from a computer to a regular phone) using Skype?


Skype is a software package that lets you make 100% legal, free calls to almost anyone, almost anywhere in the world. But calls from a computer to a regular phone, called SkypeOut is not FREE!. So can we overcome this limitation of Skype 🙂

To make free calls we could try the steps provided below.

1. Open Skype
2. Dial this this number: 1-800-3733-411
3. You could hear automated voice message
4. You may hear many Voice messages, do not get confused, say free call (You need to say this, the automated computer will detect it and do the rest. Note that there will be advertisement for some time and you would need to listen it, then you can start speaking with your friend over phone for another 5 minutes, for FREE!!)
5. But you can again redial the number by restarting the same process.  🙂

May be this will help 🙂


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