Posted by: SiRu | December 28, 2009

HP Support Assistant for Windows 7 and Vista

Issue: I would like to install HP Support Assistant for Windows 7 and Vista

HP Support Assistant

HP Support Assistant


HP Support Assistant is a software solution that combines new and current HP supportability tools and incorporates them into a single graphical user interface. This looks promising if ever used the old “HP Total Care”

HP Support Assistant is compatible with all computers running Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system. HP Support Assistant is not compatible with computers running Windows XP (never checked in XP though)

HP Support Assistant replaces previous support tools that shipped called “HP Total Care”. Check the below provided Screenshot to see how HP Total Care looks. HP Total Care contained some bugs and HP released newer version and change name to HP Support Assistant

Hp Total Care

Hp Total Care

HP Support Assistant integrates many diagnostic and support tools familiar to support agents, because they are updates of existing tools preinstalled on earlier generations of HP products. HP Support Assistant currently incorporates the following new and updated support tools:

HP Health Check 3.0
HP System Information 2.0
HP Battery Check 2.0
HP Customer Feedback
HP Home Network Center 1.0

You could download and install the HP Support Assistant for Windows 7 and Vista from the link provided below

Click Here to Download

In addition to these supportability tools, HP Support Assistant features a new diagnostic tool, called HP Tune Up. HP Tune Up provides diagnostic, security, and software tune-ups to ensure that the customer’s PC is healthy and performing optimally

HP Tune Up

HP Support Assistant Tuneup

The current release of HP Support Assistant is version The version 5 will be released soon with more bug fixes (if found) 🙂

Note: Available tools in HP Support Assistant varies if you use HP Desktop/HP Notebooks. For example, HP Support Assistant on notebooks might include HP Battery Check. For desktop PCs, however, HP Battery Check might be replaced by HP Insight Diagnostics or HP Vision Diagnostics



  1. I have a big problem I have only had my computer for ten months and already the battery is gone completely out. It actually started in June 2010 I paid too much for this system to encounter this problem and after research that some of my colleagues has experienced the same problem what can the company do to help me in maybe replacing my battery thanks for reading and listening to my complaint.

  2. hi my name is joe i have a cp CQ62-231nr notebook and i keep geting a bluesneen how do i fix the preblom any help

  3. i do not understan my computer it will not downlaod the share botton on face book it whites it our

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