Posted by: SiRu | January 2, 2010

HP iPAQ USB Windows Modem Driver (For rw6828 etc, works for many IPAQs)

Issue: I need HP iPAQ rw6828 USB Windows Modem Driver

HP iPAQ rw6828 Multimedia Messenger

HP iPAQ rw6828 Multimedia Messenger


I came across an issue where I need to find the USB Windows Modem Driver for the HP iPAQ rw6828 Multimedia Messenger. The iPAQ works well with GPRS but if you connect the iPAQ to use as a modem by connecting to your Notebook/Desktop, Windows ask for the USB Windows Modem Driver. Windows is unable to find this Driver hence the HP iPAQ rw6828 will not work!!

I have checked the specification of the HP iPAQ rw6800 Multimedia Messenger Series and I find that it does have the option of Modem Link which will allow you to use the HP iPAQ as a modem to wirelessly connect a notebook PC to the Internet.

Specification link for HP iPAQ rw6800 Multimedia Messenger Series

At first you need to setup the the Modem Link connection:

1. On the Pocket PC, tap Start > Programs > Modem Link icon
2. In the Connection: drop-down box, select USB and tap “Activate” found at the bottom left of the screen

Note: The Modem Link connection disables your ActiveSync connection, so be sure to turn off the Modem Link connection when you are done using it or else you will not be able to sync your Pocket PC.

Now you could try following steps provided in one of the HP forum. Click here to  open the Forum link.

Please read the post by user “astanoid”, posted on Nov 12, 2006 04:37:58. Please note that the driver INF file link provided in the forum is not working now. So you need to download the attachment which is posted by “astanoid”.

If you are confused, check the below provided screenshot to find the attachment link in the forum 🙂

iPAQ rw6828 Drkiver download link from HP Forum

iPAQ rw6828 Driver download link from HP Forum

USB Windows Modem Driver installation:

I found detailed steps are provided in another web site. So I would rather do not spend much time to explain the installation ;).

The steps are very clear and easy to understand

1. Click here to find  USB Windows Modem Driver installation steps

2. Once you open the above said link, refer the steps provided in the section titled: “Install the driver to your computer”

3. The steps provided in the above said link web link is for HP IPAQ hw6900, so when you select the driver file, select the driver file you have downloaded from the HP forum 🙂

4. Once you install the iPAQ as a modem, refer the same link for more information on how to setup and connect to Internet.

Please leave a comment, Cheers

Siraj 🙂



  1. took me hours to find this solution!!! finally i found this blog!! thanks!!! 😀

    but.. i tried to click the link to download the driver file which was posted by astanoid on ur post… but.. the link some how lead me to a HP support site… i can’t manage to find the download file again!!

    may i know where else can i download the file?

    • I will need to check it. The forum link is been removed by HP!! I will cross check and let you know. Thank you

    • Hi,

      I have updated the link and the screenshots.

      I hope it will work for you.

      Thank you for the comment


  2. The new link is:

    • benim hp ipaQ 5.0 sürümü interne girmiyor neden ola bilir.

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