Posted by: SiRu | June 12, 2010

HP Proliant Server – Unknown device in Devie manager with Device ID: ACPI\HPI0002 and ACPI\IPI0001

Issue: HP Proliant Server – Unknown device in Devie manager with Device ID: ACPI\HPI0002 and ACPI\IPI0001

Hp Proliant 100 series Server

Hp Proliant 100 series Server


Once you install Windows Server on the Server, you may across an annoying issue “Missing Drivers” :).  Even after installing all the drivers from the provided CD and running Windows updates, I find that above said Unknown devices will be still listed in some of the HP Servers.

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Detailed Solution is available in my new Blog!. Click above logo to read more

HP has released a document regarding this issue which is specific to Windows 2008. Click here to open the document

The solution is available in below said link (I have migrated my Blog)

Guide: Driver for Device ID: ACPI\IPI0001 and ACPI\HPI0002

Also ensure that the Chipset driver of the server is installed.

Please leave a comment if you could solve the issue.


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  1. HP ML Series Server – Unknown Devices

    While installing a new server here, I came upon one of the more annoying problems in installs, missing drivers. This is a brand new HP ML150 with Windows 2003 Standard x32, I installed all the drivers that came on the support CD, and did all my windows updates.

    Still, the problem remained of two unknown devices with ID ACPI\HPI0002 and ACPI\IPI0001

    After much looking around, I ended up tracking the two items down – they are not located on the CDs, and one of them is not even available for download without calling HP! The files are now located here ->

    That zip file contains the drivers necessary for most HP Servers with this problem, including the ML150 and ML110 – the readme.txt file is effectively just the instructions of which is which.

    One driver has an executable that will install it for you, the other must be done the old fashioned way.

    Good luck!


  2. Also worked on a HP ML350 G6

  3. Hi,
    I have tryed both, but neither of them will install. Error messages is:

    The software is not supported for installation on this system.

    The OS is not supported.

    Press ‘Close’ to exit Setup.

    The old fashioned way:
    Windows was unable to install your Unknown Device/could not find driver for your device.

    Any other suggestions?


  4. Worked.


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