Posted by: SiRu | July 17, 2010

HP EliteBook 8530w: Unable to adjust or increase LCD Brightness

Issue: Unable to adjust the LCD/Display Brightness of the HP EliteBook 8530w Notebook.

HP EliteBook 8530w

HP EliteBook 8530w


HP has released an advisory/document regarding this issue. It speaks about the issue  where you can only adjust display brightness very slightly using Fn F9 or Fn F10 key on your HP EliteBook 8530w Notebook. This issue is reported in Windows Vista OS.

HP EliteBook 8530w Notebook is shipped with NVIDIA Graphics, and older version of the driver caused this issue. We need to update the driver to solve the issue.  The download link is provided below:

Click here to Download NVIDIA Graphics Version: 197.65 (30 Apr 2010). File Size is: 219 MB 😦

HP has released a newer version on 5 Jul 2010, if you wish you can update to this version as well. Click here to download the version which released on 5 Jul 2010.

Click here to read the HP advisory/Document regarding this issue.

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