Posted by: SiRu | August 13, 2010

Official Twitter “Tweet Button” as an option for all blogs!

twitter icon

Wow!!, this is one of the best thing can happen to, I have been looking for many ways were we can add this button and I was successful in the past to do so. Now itself is giving us the option to add the Twitter Tweet Button. Glad that Tweet buttons can be added without any coding. I wrote an article before regarding Tweet buttons. Link is: “Add TweetMeme retweet button on free WordPress blogs (Not on self hosted blogs)

How to add the Twitter Tweet Button

1. Login to account.

2. Then click on “Appearance” and click “Extras“.

Twitter WordPress Configuration

Twitter WordPress Configuration

3. Then select “Show a Twitter “Tweet Button” on my Post” option and click “Upgrade Extras

4. Now it is shown in POST (Note: It will be shown only when you open a POST, it may not visible in your Main page/homepage.

Tweet Button added

Tweet Button added in my POST

This seems to be much easy, huh?

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  1. Very Informative…. 🙂

  2. How come I don’t see the tweet option?? Help!

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