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Hi there!

This is my simple technical blog where I post some of the tips and tricks in Windows.

I hope this will be helpful for someone :), Watch out for more information, I will be keep updating.


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Name: Sirajul haque
Profession: Technical Support Engineer
Education: Master of Science in Computer Science
Certifications: CompTIA A+ , Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)



  1. hi,sir….my battery handphone HP IPAQ have are problem,where i can buy the battery? thank you

    • Hi,

      Please let me know the Model number of iPAQ.

      HP does have free support for iPAQ. I mean chat team.

      try this link:


      NOTE: Clicking the link may give an error indicating it is invalid. If this occurs, copy the portion of the address on the remaining line(s) and paste it at the end of the address showing in your browser until the complete address is displayed in the Address box.

      Then login, enter serial number, select your country. Then HP support can assist you.

      if they cannot find it for you. Please let me know…

      I will try from my side.

  2. sir ,
    i have a problem with my windows pc in all my drive partitions i have system volume information and recycler is it a virus, how can i remove these things..


    • Hi,

      System volume information is not virus, it is the folder of Windows system restore. I think you have set the settings so that all the hiddens file to shown in Windows Explorer/My computer.

      recycler could be your Recycle bin. But note that there was a virus called recycler which will keep replicating in all the folders. Please check whether the recycler folder is replicating in each folder you open. If not, do not need to worry about it.

      If you suspect there is a virus, then you could try running a spyware and virus scan. Malware bytes is a good spyware scanner.

      If you are familiar with Hijackthis software, then please run it and get me the LOgs/text file it generates. I can manually check and tell you whetheryour PC is clean



  3. hello sir, i have bsnl ar800V v3.0 adsl2+cpe wifi modem…. it has a usb port in it…, what is the use of this usb port????
    i want to connect docomo 3g usb stick to it for using on other electronics via wifi.. is it possible.. i searched for all options but was unable to connect…
    can you help me…
    please mail me at drbalkrishna08@gmail.com if possible… thanks…

  4. Hey, I was thinking of starting a new blog on wordpress.Will I be able to import my blogger blog? Yeah, and if you’ve ever used blogger, can you tell me why you chose wordpress over blogger?

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